Committees and Cells

The College Council is constituted to advise and assist the Principal in the academic and internal matters of the college. Council consists of Heads of all Departments and two elected representatives of the teaching staff. The Principal shall preside over the sitting of the Council. The Council elects one of its members as the secretary for a term of one year. The secretary gives notice for the Council meeting and keeps the minutes of the proceedings.


Sl No Name Designation/Department
1 Dr Sindhu K P Principal
2 Dr Jayakrishnan P College Council Secretary, HOD, Department of Commerce
3 Ms Veena S HOD, Department of English
4 Ms Preetha U HOD, Department of Botany
5 Mr Sunil P Nair Office Superintendent
6 Ms Prabha P Department of Commerce
7 Ms Anjali R Department of English
8 Mr Sheodas Kumar Department of Hindi